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Salute Denti!

A great point about
how fast one de-learns trimming on switching
The Boeing control laws are different than the 'bus, but do not seem to have as many reversion sequences. I would have to fly one to see how it 'feels". A lotta difference between trimming for speed/AoA versus a gee command that is biased by pitch attitude and bank angle.

As denti says, the move from a "conventional" plane to the new, improved one is not always a big deal. We old curmudgeons that resisted the Viper limiters abandoned the prejudice real fast. We also had no problem NOT TRIMMING for speed/AoA. It was more trimming for attitude, and the 'bus does that without a "coolie" hat button or whatever. If you are holding stick fore or aft, the the FLCS tries to reduce that pressure/displacement/force. AF447 showed one problem with that philosophy, in that we had a fully deflected stab after "x" seconds since the pilot held back stick forever and the FLCS tried to reduce the back stick displacement.


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