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Originally Posted by Flyboy1987 View Post
Can anyone with reliable info comment on whether apps will reopen early next year?
Will mins be the same or will an MCC requirement be added?
Will an applicant have an equal chance regardless of being an internal/external?
If anyone here had reliable info about what you’re asking, this thread wouldn’t be over 2000 posts long.

For what it’s worth;

1. Maybe but probably not, was two years between current and last recruitment waves.
2. They’ll probably be similar, as a trend they’ve become less restrictive between the two recent recruitments. (Dropped academic requirements and such)
3. Don’t think it really makes a difference on an individual level. Based on the small sample I have access to I’d say that being an internal is worse, definitely have more strings attached to start date and such. Too bad QF doesn’t recognise group seniority or give guys a number once they’re on the hold file, something for the next EBAs maybe?

Take it all with a truckload of salt, I don’t think HR could give you the answers you’re seeking if they wanted to, let alone random pilots on a rumours forum.
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