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This thread is unique, the only sticky PPRuNe tribute thread to my knowledge. It is a measure of the esteem in which Danny is and will be forever held by all here on PPRuNe.
Of that there can be no doubt at all. When we pause to reflect upon the attributes, the qualities , of men and women we have had the good fortune to have known, whether in a cursory way or well, we usually form a picture in our minds' eye of
that person's essence, for want of a better word. True empathy is not qualified but is instilled from birth (or before). Those who have been born of empathetic parents will themselves endow their own children. And so on and so on. Dennis O'Leary certainly showed his kindly, empathetic nature often, with modesty, humility and humour. He sought no fanfares. Were one to inscribe two words only upon a hypothetical head-stone, it would be hard to come up with anything more true or succinct than 'HE CARED'.

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