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Originally Posted by 777Nine View Post
But what can be done? No self-serving politician would ever dare to mess with Sydney airport as it would be political suicide. Why is everything in Sydney so difficult..

Speaking from the East Island I'd say it isn't just Sydney or Australia, although you guys seem to do it better than most. I'd say it is an Antipodean disease that means we can't think ahead and we tend to plan for what is now, not what is to come.

Auckland Airport is a great example at playing catch-up therefore they never will unless they meet a traffic slowdown whilst they are frantically building for traffic that they perceive is increasing.

With regard to single runway operation I have just retired from 7 years in a reservations unit and I've never seen so much RWY 25 usage as there has been recently. I admit that I was tempted once to tell a caller that was complaining about the mess that it was Aussie shortsightedness that is causing the disruption.

One wonders if the increase in strong westerlies is part of strange trends in worldwide weather - I hesitate to call it climate change.
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