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All levity and joking aside, reading through all of this - maybe the chap has a bonafide psychological issue? and therefore needs some help? seems a little too OTT for my way of thinking, and doesn't appear to be an outright attempt to defraud/swindle? Just saying....
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You mean these dogs 😆😆

I think it highly likely you're right (I have professional qualifications that add to that view) - there is a level of delusion and self-agrandisment that are outside normal self-confidence .The 'Goldwater Rule' applies though and I won't be tempted to a diagnosis.

I do think though that whatever might be underlying pathology, is minimalised by aggressive and frankly hostile responses to genuine offers of pro bono help from industry experts in the early days: and once money is being sought and naives induced to play a part, pragmatism comes to the forefront .
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