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You can add my name to the resignation list (and let me assure you, that list is about to become much longer). I have "recently" left the building (in Elvis speak). It has been an interesting 3 decades working for two airlines, the one I joined and the one CX devolved into.

The CX I joined in the 80's, which was a caring, innovative, prosperous and optimistic company to work for. The CX that I ended my career with, which has morphed into the most dysfunctional, unhappy, intimidatory and embarrassing airline in the industry. We went from having flight ops managers who were characters who at least had integrity and belief in their profession, to self serving, cynical, individuals who have obviously been promoted at least one step above their competency levels. The airline I joined (and loved and admired) has been laid to waste, mainly from within and by our own hand. We went from having a corporate "Mission Statement" that promoted "satisfying careers" for all, to one that seems to only focus on satisfying careers for the the Swires. We went from an airline that valued and respected experience, to one that now openly disdains it, devalues it and actively squanders it.

I wish all the very best in whatever your upcoming choices may be, but I decided that at age 60 this airline wasn't worth another second of my time. I can only hope that most realise that this company is not worth you wasting the most precious and irreplaceable item of value you possess...time. CX can only now be a place of regret, misery and wasted careers. In COS 18, the unworthy individuals that manage this airline have laid down a marker saying "only fools need apply". Don't be one of those who will be used as meat in the grinder. There are better employers and better careers, nearly everywhere.

Farewell, and I will drop by once in a while on the Prune and comment if I feel the need. Merry Christmas and best wishes to all. Traf.

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