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I must say that I agree. BAA is not the school you want to choose unless that is the only choice you have. I've been trying to stay positive but now when I am about to finish it, I feel it's time to admit to myself that this has been a bad choice. If I could go back in time, I wouldn't even consider it. There are many reasons for that. Most of the instructors are simply not good, the staff is terrible, I am talking about the management. It is obvious that they don't know what they are doing and in some cases they've been treating us with no respect. Now they have opened a new base for training in Spain. When you hear Spain, it sounds great, but it is clear that they have made a mistake since that produced massive delays, people were asked to return back home, etc. Some of the key people have decided to leave the academy, so you get the point. It is just not so good. You may think ''Yes but they will give me a job at the end''... If I would be in the same situation again, I would choose modular for 40ke and simply apply for various jobs. Don't make a decision based on some unjustified fear that you will not get a job unless you choose BAA. It is just stupid. Good luck!