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Originally Posted by hid3 View Post
Guys, simple question. Since I wasn't accepted to any of the Cadet programmes at BAA, is it worth picking up studies as 'independent pilot'? Is it real to find a decent job later on? I'm in fear to invest big money in the studies and later on have the best offer of 1.5k Euro/month netto salary (which I can make as an Uber driver without any special medical requirements, expensive licenses, etc) at some low-end airline with bad Terms & Conditions...

If BAA has offered you to enroll their independent scheme, just run away from them without looking twice.
School reputation is the biggest scam in aviation industry all over the world and you don’t need to spend €40k extra for that. Try modular way in Hungary and Poland then you will be holding your ATPL in 7-10 months at a cost of €45k tops.
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