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Fit hitting shan --- WSJ


Ben Otto,Robert Wall andAndy Pasztor
Updated Nov. 22, 2018 6:22 p.m. ET JAKARTA, Indonesia—Lion Air said Thursday it would press Boeing Co. for more details about a new model 737 plane while Indonesian authorities issued their most definitive statement yet that pilots of Flight 610 were battling automated nose-down commands before last month’s fatal crash.The budget airline’s safety director, Daniel Putut, said he would head to the Boeing facility in the Seattle area, where the plane was built, on Nov. 30 to ask about actions the plane maker was taking to prevent a repeat of the accident. “We need to hear from Boeing,” he said.
The system activated after the flight control system believed the plane’s nose was inclined 20 degrees up from level flight. A system that vibrates the control yoke to alert the pilot about the risk of a potential stall , called a stick shaker, also activated, he said.The pilot countered the nose-down maneuver and stabilized the plane, Mr. Utomo said. The jet continued to climb before the MCAS again pushed the nose down. Information provided to lawmakers suggested repeated nose-down input by the plane’s computers -- with weaker nose-up commands from the cockpit crew -- before the 737 MAX rapidly lost altitude and crashed.
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