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Some professional filming, but discounting quips of ‘same way …’, Balbo, or the real Lightning’s diamond 16 or 28 ship launch within 2 mins, what was the message in the video?
Does this take us back to page 1 of the thread; what’s this aircraft for; followed by 11500+ responses attempting to explain this; a ‘void of confusion’ (stealth confusion).

Smart sensors, but sensors can be to other aircraft, fusion - smart comms, which could also be fitted to other aircraft. On board intelligence and management, why put all of the expensive brains in the front line whereas with data link the real smarts could be elsewhere.
Longer range weapons - other aircraft. So this leaves ‘stealth’; what for, when, where, and how long will it be effective.
Is a 32 ship ‘walk’ about to answer these questions; I doubt it, so what other purpose was there?
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