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While there seems to be a lot of ' he/they/pilots/ "Shoulda . .." some simple math sort of bothers this SLF. For example if one ASSUMES altitude of 5000 feet, and a Air spped of say 300 mph, AND a dive at 45 degrees resulting from ????, then from onset of dive to impact takes about 1/3 minute or 20 seconds. To have survived, via a high g pullout , the correct action ? ( pull up ? ) would have had to be instituted PROBABLY in about 10 seconds or less. ( I'm sure others can/will argue that 10 seconds remaining is NOT enough to level out above sea re elevator movement, control effectiveness, etc - 737 are not considered high G qualified aerobatic aircraft ) . Add in a startle factor of a few seconds " what now ?? " and the results of the 'event' starting at 5000 ft and 300 mph was unfortunately preordained.

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