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Yes interesting, although i would have thought that eight minutes is a huge difference for only travelling 150 km/h, even over several decades. But I do not know the maths behind this.

The other factor to consider is the fact that as you move further out from earth's gravitaional field, time relative to earth's time will speed up...hence twins one on earth and one in space, when reunited the one from space will have aged further. This has been demonstrated by an atomic clock in space and one on the ground.

There have been other expereiments involving atomic clocks on aircraft. One of which involved flying it around the world and comparing it to the base clock, and the one which has me puzzled: flying 2 around the world, one clockwise and one anti clockwise, supposedly they came back reading different times. Why is this?

Back to your wanting to go long haul...The aforementioned effect on a pilot would ameliorate the effect of the [train driver's] aging, but to what extent I do not know (back to the text book for some quantitive figures). Stay tuned.

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