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Looks like the lies have finally caught up with the main protagonist. Looking at the traffic on their Linked..in and Face..book pages today he's perhaps told one to many tall tales.

Brief overview of the fun -
Atmos - Guys! We've ordered some brand new A359's for delivery in Feb 2019.
Commentator - Great, but those photo's are A340's.
Atmos - Erm, yes, erm AerCap have screwed up, and so they won't be ready until November 2019. We're erm, chartering these A340's in the interim.
Owner of said A340's - Ooookay, but not these one's you ain't! By the way who are you again? Don't think we've met.
Aercap - Ooookay, but sorry, no A359's avail at all next year. By the way who are you? Don't think we've met.
Another commentator - Right, so you're chartering - whose AOC will they be on?
Atmos - We're applying for our own AOC etc etc
Commentator - but you said chartering; perhaps then u mean a lease?
Atmos - (silence)...I think at that point his mind just went "tilt".

If it wasn't for the potentially sinister intent, and the associated damage this sort of activity can cause, then I for one wouldn't be able to wait for the next series of "An Airline in my Mind"!
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