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Originally Posted by Octane View Post
Boeing: "However, though the manual omits mention of MCAS, it does describe exactly how a pilot should deal with uncommanded and unwanted movements of the horizontal tail, whatever the cause may be"
At 5000 feet doing 300 knots, roughly how much time does Boeing think the crew had to read the manual to troubleshoot a problem they didn't understand caused by a system they didn't know existed in order to save the aircraft?
Fair enough. But the Runaway Stabilizer issue has memory items - up to and including the cut-out switches and taking a firm grasp on the trim wheel - as well as the physical QRF. How many separate memory items a crew can handle at once, or in close sequence, is another issue of course: but memory items and the QRF are not one and the same thing. And it maybe that the runaway stabilizer (if that happened) was somewhat masked by (maybe...) not being flagged directly in the Unreliable Airspeed procedures (whether triggered by bad pitots, statics or AoA...).
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