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Originally Posted by infrequentflyer789 View Post
There is some more info in earlierWSJ article on it. Seems they replaced both sensors as part of trouble shooting a fault where autothrust refused to engage (also replaced two others from ramp damage incidents). It then gets a bit confusing because the sensors were apparently found to be not the cause of the problem, but one or both was then repaired - make of that what you will I guess.
Might just be a system figure of speech. Sample:
A rotable is removed from an aircraft by a mechanic/engineer and is placed on the Unserviceable shelf.
An actual engineer from lets says tech services inspects the part and have 2 options:
Relase it back to service or send it for repair. If he is not absolutely certain of its status he/she selects to send it for repair.
When it comes back from repair, and it migh just have been tested/inspected to tolerances by a certified company, it is taken into stock with a tag as repaired.
In this sample it just means it went via the authorized repairer (this could be the manufacturer) instead of having been directly released back into stock by the tech services engineer.
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