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Re the video displayed by JPJP post 1381 where a 37,000 ft stall recovery is shown.

There was no mention by the instructor to his student what safe IAS should be attained in the recovery dive before any attempt is made to level out. In the video, it appears the student was trying to recover with minimum loss of height. Hence the several secondary stick shakers caused by the student trying to minimise height loss.

Using Vref 40 plus 100 knots as a safe speed to level out, the aircraft should be kept in the recovery manoeuvre (nose on the horizon or slightly lower) until that speed is attained and only then should the aircraft be gently eased out of the dive without risk of G stalling.

If the aircraft is in severe turbulence during recovery, the aircraft should be kept in the recovery dive until Severe Turbulence airspeed/.Mach is reached - then levelled out. Expect 3000 feet of height loss during recovery manoeuvre or 5000 ft loss if in severe turbulence
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