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The long haul sleep/insomnia thread

This is all about home sleep. Iím ignoring downroute sleep because thatís just a mess at the best of times.

Iíve been flying long haul for just about 4 years now. The biggest difficulty Iíve found is managing sleep when I get back home. Landing day I go straight to bed (luckily for me I have a fairly short commute). I sleep for about 2-3 hours and then in the evening I tend to go to bed around about 9-9:30. That night I tend to get fairly good sleep.

However the the next few nights no matter what I do I will always wake up at 2-3 am and struggle to get back to sleep properly (or at least well) and the next morning I tend to feel crap. Then itís back to work. Iíve got a Fitbit and ive noticed the days I feel less rubbish are the days I have more deep sleep (more than an hour).

Ive gone through all the usual stuff. No screen time in the hour before bed, just read a book. No caffeine after lunch. Iím pretty sure I donít suffer from depression. Iím at a bit of a loss really. At the start of my long haul career I really wasnít coping with sleep and ended up taking sleep aids (good ole CVS) but Iíve completely abandoned them and I am loathe to explore any other pharmaceutical remedies (not withstanding most of them negating the privileges of my class 1 medical).

So im going to start off by looking at the collective wisdom here. Oh and now sheís not staring over my shoulder her indoors snores so I often decamp to the spare room.
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