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Things that need to be checked regularly are either on the outside (control linkages to the tail rotor, the blades themselves, as examples) or can be inspected either through a specific hatch or other access (for my 120, opening the rear cargo hatch allows me to stand inside the tail and check the battery and look down the inside of the tail boom, for example). Typically the tail rotor drive shaft itself does not require daily inspection and so it (and any bearings along its length) are not made easily accessible. They are, however, subject to specific inspection regimes defined by the manufacturer and performed by mechanics. Where regular inspection is needed (some Rotorway designs have a belt-drive) inspection is facilitated.

There will be many flight-critical parts of a flixed-wing that are similarly treated (looking for corrosion on wing spars is not facilitated by a myriad of little hatches that you can open in a walk-around).

I have not seen a "twin tail rotor" design, and I am not imaginative enough to speculate how that might work; sorry
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