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Willow #1287, and previous MFS, and td, #1255 1257.
A very good assessment of the certification issues.

The certification considers the aircraft and the situation together, the context; it does not judge or rate pilots.
This is a very difficult process, particularly nowadays with rapidly advancing and varied technologies.
Additionally there is range of design philosophies, even within one manufacturer; and challenges of grandfather rights spanning 40+ years. Although not required to meet all of the latest regulations, ask if this system would be approved on a new aircraft, a useful thought for guidance. (Special conditons sheet)
Is the situation beyond reasonable human capability; can any training ensure correct recall and actions in these situations.

Also in this period, levels of experience have changed, operations more varied, and surprising events more surprising due to higher levels of safety

Certification assessment is even more difficult when considering what appears to be an undeclared system, a failure, complex consequential implications, and without any published drill.

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