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Originally Posted by pax2908 View Post
I am just an electronics engineer (non-aero) _and_ I may well have missed some important information from this discussion.
But earlier, I think it was mentioned that either one or the other of two possible sources of AoA information is selected "automatically" and remains throughout the flight, then switch to the other one for the next flight. Is this more or less correct? What is the rationale behind this? To me it appears as "we did not quite know what to do with two AoA sensors here". Presumably this also went through some review by the FAA ... who were happy with the explanation?
Not sure if anyone replied. This pertains to two FCCs (Flight Control Computer). Only one active and is controlling the flight the other is dormant. To ensure the dormant one does not always remain so and turn up faulty when required to fly the aircraft, on most aircraft systems the the computers are switched after every landing automatically. The same way the Co-pilot is made to fly the alternate sector to make sure the guy can take over when necessary. Hope that answers your question.
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