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Originally Posted by Cows getting bigger View Post
Indeed. They do not mention a "collective increase", they merely state that the climb paused and then continued. There is implication that the pause was coincident with pedal movements and associated (correct) yaw which then became yaw that did not reflect the pedal demand.

Head scratch moment - if the tail rotor demand reduces, the system sends more to the main rotor. Remember the collective/pedal interaction?
They don't mention collective at all, but there must have been some at some point.

Rather than deduce the pilot was "startled" does it make more sense that the climb was due to a pre-planned manouevre? One which required the application of collective, but was aborted due to the lack of yaw control? How long would it take for him to realise he didn't have yaw control, does this amount to about 100ft?

What feedback would cause loss of tail rotor to send more to the main rotor? Are you thinking an automatic increase in collective pitch, or an ungoverened increase in Nr?
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