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Originally Posted by DaveReidUK View Post
That's true, though of course most wings, being cambered, do still produce some lift at 0 AoA.
I wish you would all stop this angle of attack nonsense. You are all confusing fuselage pitch-angle (on the PFD) and the wing angle (which can be changed with the rigging angle). Of course you can fly an aircraft with zero fuselage angle, as long as the wing still has a positive rigging angle, to maintain a positive wing angle of attack. Which is how most aircraft are built.

The reason most aircraft fly with 2.5 degrees pitch up, is that we do not fly at max speed. If you flew at MMO plus 3%, which is the max testing design speed, you would probably find that the fuselage had a zero pitch angle. (A negative fuselage angle would induce some efficiency and stability problems.)

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