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Originally Posted by Concours77 View Post
No airplane can fly with zero AoA. Let’s don’t do Bernoulli. If the centerline of chord is the same as the fuselage longitudinal line, and the fuselage is level, the airplane will sink. The angle of incidence of the wing allows less nose up when close to level. It is “baked in” AoA. No?
Correct on all counts. I think you read something into my post that wasn't there.

There was an aircraft with “variable incidence wing”. It allowed Nose Down level flight, or even very Nose Down glide slope. It was useful for seeing the deck on the aircraft carrier when landing. Vought F-8 Crusader
Yes, and thanks for characterizing it correctly as being for visibility. I want to give up on the world and cry myself to sleep, every time I see it written that it's for increasing the AOA. Hello McFly, every airplane already has a system for doing that, it's called the elevator!
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