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Originally Posted by Yorkshire_Pudding View Post

What if you still have a personal loan against which Emirates has issued a salary letter guarantee which is still active on HR Direct.

I understand the final salary payment is marked as such and gets frozen. But what about EOS Cheque? Will ek withhold the Cheque until you clear the loan? Does ek ask for clearance letters from banks? (EOS needed to clear the loan)
The EOS cheque gets released regardless of the status of your loan(fully paid or not), thats what happened to mine. The final salary payment, in my case, was not included to the EOS cheque because I wasn't able to acquire the clearance letter from the Bank to submit to EK, it takes about 30 days. So, I dumped it. I just stayed couple more days after my LDS, waited for the Final payment to get to my Bank account. Then, I withdraw everything and closed the account the same day. From LDS to flight out of DXB took me extra 4 days.

Few known cases that can delay your exit:
1. Late release of Passport from HR due to incomplete Leaving process requirements - issues with accommodation, settlements etc.( happened to someone I know)
2. Late release of Passport from HR due to VISA cancellation issues (lame reasons such as, cutoff period - passport was not picked up, misplaced etc) - happened to me.

Your EOS cheque will be given together with the Passport, supposedly on your LDS. And try to submit the passport for visa cancellation either Sunday or Monday.


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