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Excuse me stepping for a bit of fact checking ;
18 people left this last year, not 40.
For a Uk based crew, all your taxes are paid in the UK.
How you spend Per Diems is your choice. Personally, I generally spend less than 100 euros per tour. I think this is fairly typical.
We have received HUNDREDS of applications for the 60 available positions. They are being very particular about who they recruit. I’m not sure exactly what they are looking for.
Now my opinion ; New joiners will be looking at least 8 years to command. No way in as little as 6. Total income including bonus, per diems, overtime if you wish to do it & salary after a few years will be around €80,000 for an FO. Plus company provided health, LOL, life insurance.
NJ is not perfect but it beats the heck out of most jobs out there. You’d be mad to think otherwise.
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