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Here is my two cents to NetJets Europe.
Like most of my colleagues I am more than ten years with NJE.

As definite pro you can say:

-Stable 6on 5off roster. The roster is written in stone. They can ask you to extend, but you are not expected to accept EVER !
-Highly professional operation with all the support from the office you can possibly think of
-Safety is the major concern, if something ist not safe, we do not do it. You are not pushed to do illegal rubbish, the opposite is the case. No outfit for GA Cowboys
-A lot of money is invested into your training, you don't train in the SIM once a year but twice, plus 5 days in Lisbon for ground recurrent training. It is all done within your duty days
-A great bunch of very professional people you will be flying with
-Hotels, Airlines, Ground transports. It will be taken care of from the company
-You have six special days of per year, which you can take in blocks of two days. For example to make sure to be at home when its your son/daughters birthday. Your roster will be shifted around to accommodate these days
-Aircrafts are looked after from maintenance and interior perspective
-The flying you are doing really deserves the name flying. Can't compare to the boredom of flying for an Airline.
-If something dramatic happens at home while you are on a flying tour, you will have all the support you can wish for. They get you home ASAP. Witnessed myself multiple times. NetJets is truly great in this regard !

As cons I would highlight:

-Do not assume you are transitioning from the right hand seat to the left hand seat quickly. It will be many years, don't ask for an estimate really. No one can know for sure.
-You will have to deal with bollocks that you would not have to deal with in any airline. (cleaning, luggage etc etc)
-You will have to sacrifice a good chunk of your salary if you do not already have a nice military/state pension. The pension problem within NetJets is not solved.
-It can be a pain to get vacation in summer when you want it, for example when your kids are off school.
-You will likely join on the Phenom 300 or Citation XLS fleet. Where the Phenom is a great aircraft with impressive avionics, but lacks the space and APU, and the XLS has the APU and almost stand up cabin but.... Its an XLS....

Salary....as mentioned before:

EUR 58,500 - until the completion of 24 months of
employment, EUR 66,300 onwards

Your salary is getting adjusted every year according to OECD inflation rate. You are not getting more yearly, but at least you are not getting less buying power.

If you are living in Portugal you pay a lot of tax, same goes if you happen to live in Denmark.

For countries that have a double taxation agreement with Portugal, which to my knowledge is the majority of the European Countries you will pay a 25% flat income Tax in Portugal and National Insurance in the country you are living in. The later obviously varies from country to country, so one has to do the math individually.

There is almost every year opportunities to top up your income a little bit. By working extra days or even signing up for working 204 or 208 days a year instead of 200.

I think that sums it up. To be honest, when I read the previous comments I find it way too negative. Especially take EatMyShorts comments with a pinch of salt. Lovely guy but a bit on the complaining side of life

This if for sure not the place to come if you want to make the maximum money you possibly can. But it is a nice place to work with great work/life balance.
Churn of the workforce is quite low, which tells a lot.

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