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no legal requirement to carry alternates in Australia
There are situations where we don't have to carry as well. The wx has to tick a box and a few other things. The reserve fuel is also increased. Which half the time makes it pointless because that addition reserve fuel is more than the trip fuel to the alternate.

I know if I flew around with legal minimum fuel everyday I would probably have to divert at least 3 times a year on average, just due to incorrect forecasts or unexpected traffic delays
You see this is the change of mind set, Its the fact that its cheaper to have to divert 2-3 times a year than it is taking the extra fuel. Pain in the bum I grant you..... If they start getting too many diverts due to the fuel policy then the accountants become involved and they up the fuel load anyway. It usually only takes 1 or 2 diverts and the dispatchers start doing things differently when they plan the flights. Outside the EU I did work with one dispatcher that every flight was an argument over the fuel, turns out he was on a bonus for keeping it below budget fuel. I got fed up arguing and just loaded what he wanted. second flight I had to divert, into the office to see the boss, explained what was happening and guys bonus evaporated in that one divert. After that sensible fuel figures started appearing no more diverts. With the EU operator I work for now we get extra added at certain times of year. Its all done through the statistics of fuel remaining after flight. If a flight is going close to min then they up the fuel load until they get enough for a GA and another circuit. We do occasionally go below that if for instance they plan for the North runway and your coming from the south and the runway in use changes to the southerly. But then again if do load extra occasionally absolutely nothing is said about it.
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