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Originally Posted by A Squared View Post
I would expect that Boeing would be *extremely* reluctant to draw technical conclusions that specific from an ATC conversation, whcih by nature would be fairly ambiguous about what exactly the problem was at a technical level. I haven't seen a transcript, but I'd be extremely surprised if it contains: "Pan Pan Pan, Lion XXX experiencing control difficulties due to Speed Trim System receiving bad Angle of Attack data!!!!!!!"
Agreed! But I should have added that Boeing etc will (I hope) have looked at the previous problem flights and their crews. It's at least possible that a picture from previous flights of UAS following an AoA error, compounded by unexpected, strong STS movements following the switch to Manual Flight (if the previous crews reported this), coupled with this being consistent with the rather abrupt upset the existing data shows the crashed plane suffered after alerting ATC to a UAS problem, all might lead to an advisory bulletin - which says, be aware that there's a Runaway STS QRF too - being issued independent of the FDR data. Anyway, we shall see..... I'm just a bit cautious of 100% concluding - from the Bulletin wording - that Boeing have the FDR data in front of them yet.
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