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Jag,you will lose your stability in yaw,coupled with the C OF G change; you might be able to crowd pax into the back to restore/mitigate the CG PROBLEM.The a/c if disturbed in yaw or roll will probably start Dutch -rolling which will require a lot of handling skills,especially during any configuration changes,and approach/landing....or may not.. A B52 lost it`s fin/rudder and landed safely-see u-tube..

Slap,in my case of t/r and gearbox departure ,the change of CG was about 3" forward of the Fwd limit,`past my nose, anyway`!! The stick has reached the back-stop ,and the a/c has changed direction by about 50-60*;entering autorotation and chopped the engine leads to a further pitch down ,but there is a `pimple` of a hilltop with cleared scrub that we are pointing at.
To flare requires another quick fwd stick and back again with lever,as it`s also uphill,but at zero groundspeed.Landed upright,but burst a main tyre on a treestump.. ...There is a pic on `Rotorheads around the World-views from cockpit(not video) ,page 15....
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