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Originally Posted by Ancient Mariner View Post
Never believed a "country" could go down the drain so fast.
Man, I hope you're right. People will stop borrowing our currency, people will stop trying to break into our drainage 'country'. Other nations will stop trying to steal our technology, and mass media entertainment. Nations will stop threatening us. Jeez, if one we could go down the drain faster, all these things would end!

Until then, jobs - up, economy - booming, rights - restored, elitism - checked/declining, armed forces - stronger, national security - better, ad-infinitum.

[edit: I guess it must hurt - seeing all this winning by the conservatives. I'd like to work up some sympathy, but y'all just keep stepping in the dog-poo. Maybe scrape it off, and try to see how you've been so badly misled. Nah - stay in the dark, rail at the success. Start more investigations. Who cares! Having too much fun and making too much money to live that kind of life. Cya...]
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