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Originally Posted by Banana Joe View Post
Why does it not add up? It is true I applied and went to the assessment which I did not pass. But how is that related to the terms and conditions of Ryanair and other operators? I am just saying that people shouldn't focus too much on Ryanair. Sure, I would say if you are looking at building hours and fly on a brand new jet then it would be a good job for this purpose, better than where I am now because we don't fly as much given the type of operation, but proceed with caution, eyes wide open and be ready to what has already been posted in the previous posts.

And I talked about benefits: I can confirm that my employer is not the only one looking after its pilots, there are more out there who are actively recruiting pilots. Even Eurowings have improved their terms.

And I have never said Ryanair is an employer to avoid working for. There's no bashing. You are interpreting my posts your own way.
Banana Joe, get off this thread and leave people alone. You clearly haven't a clue and you are wasting everyone's time. My time for you is over.
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