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Guys, this discussion has been going for far too long. This thread is about the assessment. There's plenty of people here stressing their asses out to prepare for the interview (and if they are preparing for it they are probably aware of the working conditions and are happy to continue regardless), they don't want to waste more time and energy having to read through all theses posts in order to maybe find precious tips for the assessment in the middle of it (in fact, it's just gonna make them stress even more). I'm sure there are numerous threads here where you can discuss the working conditions at Ryanair in more detail. I appreciate all your inputs, but with all due respect I think most people here are more concerned about actually getting a job than having to pay for a hotel. Let them prepare for the assessment in tranquility, they'll have time to worry about the conditions once they're successful at the assessment (no harm in saying 'no' to them if you end up realizing RYR isn't your cup of tea...).
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