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Election was a mixed bag. Those seats gained in the HR were in locations where once again the Dems outspent the rivals by wide margins. Look at TX 7th district where the Rep incumbent was defeated. The Dem challenger spent 47% more, and nearly half of the money spent was from sources outside the state of TX. Now, not long ago, the Dems told me they had to get dirty money out of politics. I think - what they meant is that they wanted the Rep to get dirty money out of politics, but Dem dirty money was just fine.

The Dems have a slight majority in the HR, and knowing my president, he's warming up the VETO stamp ready for Jan 2nd. My guess is there will be no HR bill to reach his desk and stay on it more than 10-15 seconds. Look for a nearly complete shut down of govt either in early Feb, or maybe Sept when the budget fights get going in earnest. No more raising the debt limit. No more spending agreements, no more special funding packages from this House. Sorry, deal with it. As for the big noise on impeachment, I disagree with Trump that he should oppose any kind of articles of impeachment. Bring it on I say, do your worst. See if you can get articles of impeachment out of committee and onto the House floor for a vote. I double dog dare ya! Trump is all against the process, where I see it tying the Dem HR members in knots, spending all the time and money fighting a knowing lost cause. He's certainly right on that when saying it will cost the govt millions in a failed partisan attempt to remove him from office. There is a zero percent chance of success, but it will not stop the Dems. Oh well, it's only my taxes. sigh...
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