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I've revisited my post, which I thought was crystal clear- maybe not...

At the mo, there is no dispute, and no attack lawyers are needed. They bought a 'home', whilst still lumbered with the flat in negative equity. The flat pays its way, just- no profit. The Both parties have wanted rid for some time- it has already cost an extra 17k in stamp duty on the main home 'because they own another property'.

What she wants, is to take control by having sole ownership of the debt, bunging in money to convert it to repayment, and let it pay its way for 20 years. She can afford it. We all think he'll be happy to be out from under, just so he doesn't take another stamp duty hit when he buys again after the main home sells.

So my question was- can he just hand it over without legal fuss and mortgage company fuss?

That clearer?

Thanks for the replies.

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