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Great pics!

My most memorable rotary moment was one to counter the general feeling that weddings and helicopters don't mix, on another thread regarding the recent US wedding day tragedy.

For my wedding day, I arranged to fly my best man in to my wedding venue, a country home, with prior permission to land on the front lawn, just in front of the room for the ceremony. After the wedding ceremony, I had the pleasure of flying my new bride out to our honeymoon hotel. Thankfully the mission was a complete success!

Knowing I would have to do a towering T/O from the lawn to clear trees etc for the return trip, I'd discussed and agreed in advance the very specific instructions only to fill 1/2 to 2/3rd tanks. How very annoying arriving to pick up the helicopter to make the trip to the venue to find it filled to the brim. And then they told me they'd somehow mislaid the key. Not good to hear when 60 miles / 90 minutes drive away from my wedding, with just 60 minutes before the booked wedding time, to pre-flight, and to fly there. Luckily I spotted the missing keys hanging out of the door lock as I was pre-flighting... only the return trip towering T/O with full tanks to worry about now.

Thankfully my bride to be was very slim, but I still felt obliged to warn her to ease off the wedding breakfast to guarantee maximum performance later on!

I'll avoid the obvious gag about the performance of the chopper on the day, and I'm delighted to report I'm still happily married, and will always look back on that day as very special day - flying. And the wedding was quite good too.
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