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Originally Posted by TheGreenDragon View Post
So nothingís been learned from the failure of this action at CX?

Voting for this motion will achieve little. The ramifications however are a great threat. Im not a company guy, far from it, but this is really a worthless proposition. D scale is already introduced, and to say the association is safeguarding future members conditions is none sense. Future members wil have already accepted their plight on COS18. No point fighting this one.

The company currently have enough trainers . Anyone wanting to train will not be put off by this action. Some may, but the snakes will now slip through . Trainers are company guys at the end of the day. Or they would not be invited. I get this.

Voting yes will jepodise all fleet movement.
Will screw up the RPA. No lifestyle choices. A return to the dark old days.
Will stop upgrades, wether from SO level or to Captain.
Curtail RRO, cant train replacements right?
We will all work harder, who needs the sectors?

Finally, the incumbent trainers will be so tired and grumpy, the chances of that tick in the box or a reasonable check ride
will diminish .

Vote No. There are better ways, and this is not the fight Iím prepared to back.

This is exactly the action you should vote to take. In Cx the Tb has been badly managed and regularly breached ( even by GC members ) but at KA you have the chance to learn from the HKAOA attempts and get it right. A TB is a very effective tool to have and use and it is entirely legitimate. Don't throw this opportunity away.
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