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Usurped better people ?

Originally Posted by Apple Tree Yard View Post
Just finished having dinner with a good friend, a senior Captain. He would like to join training, but will not while the ban is in effect. These lowlifes that have taken the job now have usurped better people, who (at least in the case of my friend) are more senior and would get the position if applied for. I hope they choke on their extra pay, hope it is worth the career staining shame it will coat them with. Disgusting.
Sorry ATY however here is the truth.... CX walked away from "better people" many years back. The days of a Meritocracy at CX are dead and you only have to look at the past 15 years of loosing lawsuits, lawsuit payouts, Fuel hedging, etc etc etc with the latest being what you have read in the SCMP every day for a week now. Do they have the "best" in charge of our IT dept or another Swire Prince from some pompous UK university with a Masters Degree geology or pollywog genetics ???

And if you think Merlin the Magician will fix this; we now have an Inclusion and Diversity dept with most everybody receiving Unconscious Bias and diversity training.


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