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Originally Posted by OK4Wire View Post
Not so, simples.

The company doesn't have to negotiate with anyone, let alone a third party. Been there, done that.
Been there done that NEVER has been tried. Years ago the AOA did try to have it's general secretary sit in on negotiations and the company walked out because they had not been informed in advance, which was correct procedure. Labour laws ( such as they are in HKG ) now encourage third party ( professional ) negotiators to represent workers groups. Ironically this law was introduced by Beijing. CX cannot refuse to negotiate with elected representatives or their nominees. There are numerous UK and USA based negotiating firms, manilylinked to huge unions like Unite and The Teamsters. For a fee they gather the information, listen to the clients aspirations, formulate a strategy, negotiate a deal and hand the offer back to the members to accept or not. Job done in 7 days. Do you really think the likes of the JellyFish and Boss Hogg think their own strategies out ? Why all the adjournments during the negotiations ? It's so they can consult with their team of suits sitting in back rooms.
FFS wake up and treat your careers seriously.
And by the way the FAU does exactly this, employs professional strategists, not wet behind the ear, amateurs like the HKAOA GC.
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