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Originally Posted by Babbalito View Post
MC actually makes some very interesting points. The individuals truly in control of the airline group WILL have layers of planning in place for multiple contingencies. They will have both offensive and defensive game plans (we've largely seen the former so far due to the employees' lack of offense) and they will have hired some expensive, ruthless and talented help to make sure that they prevail and protect their cash. The problem with the Unions is that they're populated my emasculated amateurs (no offence!) most of whom are too exposed and/or scared and/or intimidated to do the necessary (part of the Swire plan of course) and who can blame them? Being reasonable humans, these amateurs are too easily seduced by 'good faith' etc. The unions play by gentlemanly rules but the company does not.


The unions need to work together, pool resources and instruct professional negotiating and legal teams to battle on their behalf. Once the committees are one step removed then the level of threat against them is reduced. The company will resist this of course; it would much prefer to bully an employee directly.

The article is a lesson in history. Those that fail to remember the lessons are bound to repeat their mistakes. The company won't be that foolish so why should we?
What we need is a team of professional negotiators. You provide them with a brief then stand back and let them loose. Give them 7 days and they report back with an offer to accept or a strike vote to take. Simples.
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