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A page of ramble and I hadn't addressed the OP's post. Oh, dear, but a lot of the thread is about making our, or our creations' way, about the galaxy. Trying to find investors with a multi-thousand year return time will be tricky. But who knows, they may sign on the dotted line a moment before being put in a cryo-chamber.

Pushing against the ultimate speed limit is, IMHO, futile. Spreading a form of intelligence throughout the galaxy? I'm just not sure what the motivation would be. The concepts of the need for policing etc., are fascinating but it occurs to me that this experiment has already taken place.

When I wrote The Perfect Code, I needed two things: an exquisite self-replicating mechanism for carrying a mind . . . and instantaneous travel. Well, on our planet, humans are part of the way back to perfection, but have a long way to go.

The math on the evolution of species? No need for me to do that, Fred Hoyle concluded there was not the slightest chance of the spontaneous creation of a self designing code and all its mechanisms in the available three and a half billion years. You doubt Hoyle? His publications on this subject are a hard, for me a very hard read. His science is superb, and it's a pity he's remembered by some as the bloke who believed in a solid state universe for so long. Oh, and coining Big Bang. He wasn't daft, his arguments were based on a very definite mechanism for the cosmological constant in his Field equation.

I postulate the creation of perfection first, the descent into reverse evolution to protect itself just part of a yarn. It used to drive Send Clowns potty, but it's the nub of my real thoughts. Darwin agonised over the eye, but had he known the recent findings of the glial cell functions, he might well have let his competitor's publication be the only one.

The 5th force. As I've mentioned before, I made it up and used it so much I almost called the book, simply, 5th. Might just as well have done. The Universe has a terribly slow natural speed limit and I doubt it will ever be bypassed, but who knows, the restriction is when we try to travel through spacetime, but if the fields are there in a structured form, maybe they can be displaced in a way that's instant - using the very energy contained in the fields. We couldn't make something do it by force, or with a force; the ability to command it to happen would have to be a basic part of the design of spacetime. We just need the key.

On my daily hike on the Naze cliffs I almost always think about gravity. 40 years of puzzling over it, and I can almost taste the mechanism. I picked a stone up today. Inside, the fire of gluon activity had probably been raging for billions of years. 96% or more of that stone is that energy. I think it's an energy that may be being fed, and the fuel is the inflow of spacetime - and of course that inflow is the prime, but not only, factor giving us the pseudo-force we call gravity.

Watch this space
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