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mngmt mole
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MorningCoffee, another fairly tepid management "hail mary" from you. Trying to suggest that leaving for Qantas isn't a great idea....yea, ok. At least those of us who are planning on leaving for QA can rest happy knowing we are living back home, and enjoying working for a company that is subject to a semblance of legal sobriety. Oh, and one more thing...you should know by now that nearly every Aussie under the age of 45 (and not a few over I might add) are already in the QA system, interviewing, confirming course dates and counting the days until we've left this most toxic of airlines behind us. But you keep at it my boy, take another one for the management team like the little cubicle dweller that you are.

(.. interviews sometime last month had 12 CX pilots there on the same day....but who's counting)
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