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Originally Posted by illtellyouhowitis View Post
All that was good in the last TA, what are you smoking. If that TA had gone though, you think the company wouldn't have come after just about everything we have and we wouldn't have been able to fight back because your great TA said we couldn't fight back because of the wonderful clause written in it. So you wanted a little scap and thought that was good..You come across as someone who is happy with negotiating back something they took from us.
No offence here, but you’re an idiot. Any employment lawyer in HKG, not a bunch of pilots sitting around the plaza in DB stroking their di*ks, but a proper experienced employment contract lawyer or barrister will tell you in a roundabout way that large corporations in HKG have all the power. If CX want to come after the AOA for industrial disruption they will. The clause that got you all excited like schoolboys seeing t*ts for the first time was largely irrelevant.
But you felt good that you thought you’d stuck it to the company I suppose.
Plenty of current employment contract disputes and industrial action ongoing in HKG, have a look at the courts current interpretations.
BTW 7 years ago this week

First world labour laws apparently, QF pilots with a pretty valid legal case subsequently destroyed in court.
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