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Originally Posted by Machinbird View Post
From FR24 data, the aircraft was pretty much accelerating/overpowered throughout.
This is what intrigues me most. Overspeed is about the only consistent thing about the flight, at least from what can be ascertained so far from the "data".

Originally Posted by Machinbird View Post
If I was airborne and found out that I was now a test pilot, flying an aircraft that was not performing at all like it is supposed to, I would try to maintain the airspeed close to where I first found the problem, and then move cautiously toward the most forgiving portion of the flight envelope considering the current aircraft configuration.
Is it a stretch to imagine the airline in question "troubleshooting" an undetermined and assumed controllable anomaly in such a way?

Originally Posted by Machinbird View Post
Just my 2 cents from a steam gauge era viewpoint.
It is perhaps unfortunate in this instance that the crew did not have a few stone-age instruments onboard. (edit: at least instruments they paid any attention to) I often thank the almighty that the only things on my little crate that can even remotely be considered electronic are the lights and radios.
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