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Originally Posted by AfricanSkies View Post

Looking at the Tech Log, pitot static snag and 'feel di
Anyone here ever flown a 737 without the feel diff working? The controls are extremely sensitive, especially at high speed, very easy to overcontrol. 737s tuck easily, and this will get out of the box quick. Gums I agree, we're probably looking at a structural failure, caused by over controlling due to feel diff failure, caused by pitot static problems.
There was no recovery at all in the dive which backs up the structural failure theory. They obviously had no control whatsoever in the high energy dive as considering the clear conditions (they would have seen the ocean floor approaching) there would have been some form of correction to avoid impact, but the numbers donít show this.

There is a lot of talk about pitot gives giving incorrect readings but this still does not explain why it dropped like a rock in VMC. There would have been some form of correction on the way down.

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