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Yes, that was a great explanation, Vessbot.

I suppose it would be fair to say that if the speed trim appears to be working against you during an acceleration or deceleration phase, itís simply doing what it is designed to do - speed stability augmentation. It doesnít exist to second-guess what trim inputs you may desire, nor does it exist to auto-trim out your elevator force - thatís Airbus shit.

I have certainly noticed the speed trim trimming the opposite direction to the trim input I was about to apply manually, but it has never concerned nor annoyed me. The speed trim inputs are minute compared to the real trim changes required.

Just man-up and fly the aircraft. As soon as you put in a trim input, the speed trim goes away for a while.

At the risk of thread drift, I canít believe the number of posters on the Lionair crash thread trying to suggest speed trim as a contributing factor.
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