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It would be nice if you actually read what others had to say on this forum occassionally instead of blasting us all with your 300 lines of self-indulgent opinions.

AS I have indicated on this thread and others in the past, ADSB is not operational. Controller training hasn't even started, and there is only one ground station and only four or five aircraft are equipped. NAS comes in on November 27. So stop advocating ADSB as the solution to NAS as it isn't happening.

There is no doubt, once a country-wide system is fully operational and all (???) aircraft are suitably equipped, significant benefits are to be gained. But that is a long time off.

Also, you post nice pretty pictures showing the CDTI display using ADSB. Very persuasive. Pity the government won't be paying to install one of them in your nice little airplane. Or anyone else's for that matter. If (and I emphasise "if") the Government do end up paying to install ADSB equipment in GA aircraft, it will only be to fit the squitter (aka a new transponder). The GA pilots who fly VFR don't need the CDTI display of course because they can see and avoid everyone else.

Thanks (in hope) for listening.
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