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I can confirm that gliding is time consuming, its cheap flying and can only be done with volunteers giving up their time to run the club. The reality is you need to set aside one weekend day a month as a minimum, a lot will spend much more than that. So if your family commitments don't allow one weekend day a month, forget gliding, go and see you local power flying club and pay at least 10 times as much.
I have seen a good many differences of opinion, even stand up arguments but club politics are optional, go with the flow and do what the duty instructor wants, they are all different and you will have your own opinion who you prefer. Just like any club you need to get to know the members and the profile is the widest possible, from the penniless " gliding bum" who always helps everybody, to the airline pilot with a zillion hours and fast jet time as well, you cannot tell.
To be a glider pilot means you have to be a team player, thats the way it works, it need not be expensive, flying club aircraft is cheap, you can get passenger carrying rating or an instructor rating. Or you may join a syndicate in a private glider, maybe buy your own aircraft, it then becomes even more time consuming and can be very expensive as well, its your choice.
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