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Originally Posted by Lonewolf_50 View Post
You have to be pretty stupid to post that. The year is 2018. There is a lot of tech available to defend a border like that, and most of it does not involve stationing soldiers in even spaces from one end to the other.
This whole thing is political symbolism.
If there were a permissive RoE for engaging anyone crossing the border at other than the authorized and very public check points in the four border states (CA, AZ, NM, TX) then all you need is airborne assets (armed and unarmed), some artillery units, and some mobile units on the ground to cover the entire border with fires.
That would defend the border. Any second week student at the infantry officer's school in Fort Benning could give you the template on how to do that.
(PS, the Customs service has been flying P-3's and then Predators along the border for years already. The "how" of the surveillance piece is very old hat).

So no, you are being obtuse. This has bloody **** all to do with "defending a border."
This is political theater.
When someone runs out of arguments he resorts to insults. Up to now I had assumed personal insults on this website were taboo. Obviously Dear Leader has invaded even here with his rhetoric.

You haven't even understoood what I was saying. That' s ......
I'll spell it out for you: 15,000 troops plus ICE plus national guard plus plus is a ridiculous amount of manpower. You basically say they are not even needed to defend the border because there is so much tech available.
Right, so what are they supposed to be doing?

It's a political theater by Dear Leader alright. To the cost estimated at 100 to 150 million US$.
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