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Originally Posted by TangoAlphad View Post
Modern Jet pilots are more and more reliant on what is inside. I often see 'visual approaches' almost entirely flown head inside following the ILS indications. It is sad (and deeply concerning) but I can honestly imagine a pilot on a cavok day trying to cross compare and make sense of instrumentation and ignoring what is outside entirely.
Absolutely true, next time you fly as PNF or on the jump seat take a look at the PF and where he is looking, I have even had the call 'Glideslope' from the PNF and we were almost in the flare.. One other point is the use of headsets, Most if not all the 'old' brigade which includes me have one ear uncovered. The complete opposite is true of the 'new' brigade. On top of this some headsets have noise cancelling features, so with 2 ears covered and noise cancelling on, you are now completely immune to the surrounding noise. I tried it once and was most disorienting. The book Vulcan 607 of the bomber raid during the Falklands war, mentions an UAS incident. The Capt when going for some rest mentions to the co-pilot to watch the speed. The speed was decaying so the aircraft was put into a dive, the copilot quickly realised the noise levels were too high for the indicated speed. The pitots, were frozen, UAS checklist carried out and the aircraft continued to Ascension. My point is, keep one ear open and look out the window.
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