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I think we are in an industry where we never stop learning. I remember when I was a newly qualified PPL(H) and took a friend out for a trip from Bristol to Old Sarum for some breakfast.

I struggled all the way with the flight, and couldn't understand why I was not smooth with my inputs. The flight didn't feel "comfortable" for me and I just put it down to nerves on my part as I'd only recently qualified. I made my calls into Old Sarum and made an approach to one side of the active runway for a nice approach. As we neared the ground, I was really struggling to control the aircraft in the hover, it was like I'd never flown a helicopter before. The beads of sweat were appearing on my brow, and my passenger looked a little nervous. I assured him I'd have it sorted shortly, and not to worry.

I finally managed to get control of the beast and made a reasonable crossing of the active runway, to the parking area. As I settled on the grass, my tension lifted a little and I began to calm down. I grabbed the shutdown checklist and read "frictions on" - as I read that and went to apply them, I realised I'd flown the whole flight with both frictions on!

My learning is the last point on the departure checklist is pretty much "frictions off"!!

Never done it since then!
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